Dr. Noah Minskoff on Cannabis’ Impact on Chronic Inflammation

Dr. Noah Minskoff
2 min readMar 23, 2022

Chronic inflammation is a growing concern for medical professionals around the world. Many of the most common conditions that people suffer from are linked to chronic inflammation. This includes conditions such as arthritis and back pain. It can also have issues with the bowels and heart problems.

Conditions like Alzheimer’s have also been linked to the problem of chronic inflammation. Given this fact, successfully relieving inflammation can benefit patients who suffer from these medical conditions. One of the most promising treatments for inflammation that is gaining increased favor is cannabis. It is worth taking a look at how cannabis has the potential to make a difference for those suffering from chronic inflammation.

Cannabis Could Bring Inflammation Relief That Improves Quality of Life

Studies have demonstrated that cannabis can provide inflammation relief . It can also help with many conditions that are tied to chronic inflammation. Adding cannabinoids into one’s daily routine can deliver relief of inflammation and relief from the symptoms of inflammation-associated conditions.

Cannabis Holds a Lot of Promise for the Treatment of Joint Pain

Inflamed joints cause many problems that include making it difficult to exercise correctly. The anti-inflammatory capabilities of cannabis could be part of the solution for some patients dealing with these inflammation issues. The joint pain relief that cannabis can provide allows people to do things they had previously found difficult.

Cannabis Could Be Helpful for Those Suffering From Bowel Issues

The anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis could be a game-changer for many who suffer from inflammatory bowel conditions such as Chrohn’s Disease. Some studies show a positive link between using cannabis and a reduction in the symptoms of Crohn’s.

A Treatment With Fewer Side Effects

It is no secret that many anti-inflammatory and steroid inflammation treatments end up carrying unwanted side effects with them . One of the things that have helped cannabis gain increased favor for the treatment of inflammation is that it does not have many severe adverse side effects. Beyond issues like dry mouth and the potential to feel hungry, the side effects of cannabis are much less than many current treatments used to battle inflammation.

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