Dr. Noah Minskoff on How Vaping Technology Has Evolved

Dr. Noah Minskoff
2 min readFeb 16, 2022


It has been almost two decades since the first vaping technologies emerged on the market. Since then, this technology has continued to improve and evolve, bringing us to the devices more commonly seen and understood today.

The first e-cigarette was developed in 2003 by Hon Lik. However, it is worth mentioning that the concept has been around far longer. Credit for the idea should go to Joseph Robinson, who filed a patent for the ‘eclectic vaporizer’ in 1927. The core concept isn’t far off from what we have today, though the technology supporting it has undoubtedly changed over the years.

First Generation

Not counting those first ideas stemming from the 1920s, the first generation of vapes arrived in the early 2000s. Hon Lik’s creation was the first successful vape of its kind, though it was disposable — not rechargeable. Nor could this vape be refilled.

The first generation of vapes came in three pieces: the flavor cartridge, the battery, and the atomizer. Later, specific designs would slim it down to a two-part system.

Second Generation

The second generation brought about vape pens, which had better technology, improving on the flaws of the previous generation. Better yet, these versions were both rechargeable and refillable. Likewise, these devices contained a chip to help prevent overheating.

The design of these second-generation vapes allowed for open vape systems, which allowed for a removable (and cleanable) mouthpiece and clearomizer. The clearomizer required certain additions, such as a wicking material and atomizer coil, but did allow for consumers to see the liquid levels.

Third Generation

Next came the third generation: MODs, or modifieds. These models were more efficient, with better battery life and higher levels of control. Additionally, users could control the temperature, airflow, wattage, and voltage.

Fourth Generation

The fourth generation is the most modern thus far. This generation marks a new flow in creative designs, all of which seek to solve different problems within the vaping industry.

Most of the designs out there are more advanced versions of MODs. They offer high levels of control, recharging and refilling capabilities, and more. Furthermore, many of these designs provide the option of holding more liquid. This results in a higher quality experience overall.

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