Gaining a Competitive Edge in the Vape Industry | Dr. Noah Minskoff

Dr. Noah Minskoff
2 min readSep 6, 2022

Due to the rise of cannabis legalization in the U.S., vaping has become the second most popular form of cannabis consumption. According to a report by , the vape market is expected to reach $5 billion by 2021. It noted that medical and adult-use users currently dominate the segment.

Aside from being convenient, vaping also provides users with various reasons to choose it. Its all-in-one, disposable, and rechargeable models eliminate the need for additional heating elements and allow users to inhale cannabis quickly. Its small size and odor-free design make it an ideal choice for carrying around.

These are some of the factors that manufacturers of vape devices have to consider when developing their products. As a result, the characteristics listed down below allow brands to gain a competitive edge in the vape industry.

Reliability and Simplicity

While it’s possible to add fancy technology to the hardware of a vape device to improve its performance, consumers prefer simplicity and reliability over innovation potential. On the other hand, the best vape devices deliver consistent and reliable vaping.

A simple and user-friendly design is the main advantage of breath-activated devices. They eliminate the need for buttons and apps and allow users to inhale easily. Early cannabis pens relied on e-cigarettes’ tech in their design to improve their performance, which led to issues with the oil’s viscosity. The thick and sticky nature of the oil makes it more prone to drying out, which can cause devices to leak.

Efficacy and Safety

One of the most critical factors a consumer considers when choosing a vape device is the ability to deliver vapor that doesn’t taste burnt. This is because many people want to experience the various flavors of their oil.

Quality and safety are the most important factors that consumers consider when it comes to choosing a vape device. Manufacturers should also ensure that their products follow the industry’s strictest standards to produce high-quality products consistently.


Due to the vast number of available brands, a consumer might purchase a different brand after experiencing a quality issue or performing poorly with one. Doing so can lead to costly recalls and reputational damage.

Getting a recall can be very costly for a brand, as it can involve destroying or repackaging the products, production delays, and the impact on its reputation. Doing so can also adversely affect a company’s market cap.

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Dr. Noah Minskoff

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