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Dr. Noah Minskoff
2 min readSep 6, 2022


Switching doctors can be very intimidating, especially if you’re not happy with the one you’re working with. If you’re having second thoughts about your PCP, it’s best to start weighing your options. This will allow you to make the best decision for your health. Before you search for a new doctor, you must analyze these habits to justify your decision.

Lacks Sympathy

Even if a doctor is competent at providing care, if they don’t treat their patients well, they might cause them to leave the practice. This can be very discouraging for patients who are already considering switching doctors. When a healthcare professional makes patients uncomfortable, they might encourage them to leave the facility.

Doesn’t Use New Tech

If a doctor’s office and medical treatments are outdated, it might signal that they’re not interested in improving their services. The healthcare industry is constantly changing, and patients must have the best possible treatment options. The latest technology is also vital to ensure they receive the best care.


Some doctors are known to be “ prescription happy .” They reach for the prescription pad before consulting their patients about treatment plans. However, it’s important to remember that a provider should always talk to patients about their concerns before making a final decision regarding their medication.

Before making a final decision regarding a patient’s medication, a provider should discuss their concerns. This will allow them to provide the best possible advice and treatment. Over-prescribing can signal that the patient is getting the wrong treatment.

Always Tardy

If a provider is always late for an appointment, it can make patients feel they’re not being taken seriously. In these cases, they might end up sitting in a long waiting room. This could signify that they’re not taking their patients’ health seriously. It’s essential to find a new doctor who can accommodate their schedule.

Disregards Second Opinions

If a primary care physician is unwilling to provide a second opinion or refer a patient to another doctor, this can make them feel trapped. A good PCP would encourage their patients to seek the advice of other healthcare professionals as this will allow them to provide the best possible care.

Bottom Line

If a patient is considering switching doctors for a practical or personal reason, they should listen to their concerns and find new healthcare providers.

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